What is Abhyanga?

Abhyanga should be resorted to daily.  It wards off

old age, exertion and aggravation of vata.  Ashtanga 

Hrdayam:  Sutrasthana: II:8-9

Abhyanga is the application of medicinial oils, 

called thailams, by an ayurvedic therapist.  It is an 

important part of cleansing, healthy lifestyle and 


During a abhyanga treatment 4 to 8 ounces of warm oils chosen according to your 

body type and imbalance are applied using specific strokes.

 Thailams are used prescriptively similarly to herbal supplements.  The skin is the 

largest organ of the body and what we put on it our body consumes.  Thailams are 

made for a variety of reasons such as:  poor circulation, inflammation, weight loss, 

joint health, hormonal balance, detoxification, rejuvenation etc.

Traditionally this treatment is done with minimal draping.  This enables the therapist 

to create a complete stroke to effectively regulate the way prana (life force) is moved 

through out the body.

Benefits of Abhyanaga 

 Decreases the effects of aging

 Bestows good vision

 Nourishes the body

 Pacifies vata, pitta and kapha

 Imparts tone and vigor to the dhatus (tissues) of 

the body

 Benefits sleep patterns

 Benefits the skin

 Imparts firmness to the limbs

 Increases circulation and stimulates the internal 

organs of the body

 Strengthens the body’s immune system

 Helps regulate digestion and elimination 

By Jennifer Stahler   Ayurvedic Massage Therapist   

Acchaa Wellness Spa



Spring Your Skin From Winter's Cold

The days are brighter when you leave work, the snow is slowly melting away, and with it the grit of winter salted streets and debris that tends to get buried under the snow. A hint of spring is in the air and with the spring solstice only a few weeks away, March 20th, we are reminded to reawaken our sense and let go of the old. Winter has left debris not only on the streets but on our spirit and our skin, the dry patches, the lack of glow that naturally comes from regular exfoliation, moisturizing, and of course sun-proofed exposure to the glorious warmth of the sun. It's time to begin spring cleaning and lifting off the heaviness of winter to lighten our spirit and our outlook.  

According to Ayurvedic beliefs, the body and skin are both greatly affected by not only what we ingest but what we place on the skin. The skin is absorbs it's environment just as our spirit absorbs the emotions around it. Let's start this spring on the right path by breaking down what needs to be done into simple to follow steps.

Step 1: Your Skin

Time to slough of the layers of dryness, treat the underlying skin with organic products to boost collagen products and elasticity as well as that youthful glow so many of us try to replicate with makeup. Instead, regular deep cleansing, exfoliation (masque/peel) and the right products can give you a glow the comes from within.

Step 2: Your Body

Feeling sluggish? Winter weight? Take a look at your diet and depending on your Dosha a few simple changes can help with bloat, reduce fat, and increase energy. It begins with knowing your Dosha because each Dosha requires certain herbs and diets to stimulate the body and keep it in balance. Take our Dosha quiz to learn more.

Step 3: Your Spirit

There's a reason we burn candles during the winter, a reason that our estheticians and massage therapists take each client through a sensory journey based on their Dosha before beginning a session. The sense of smell is closely tied to mood, memory, and a healthy mindset. Scented candles can calm the spirit, reduce anxiety and in the case of blocked energy channels help to unblock them with regular (90 day) aroma-specific filled environments. For example, if you're a Vatta like me, I use the Root Chakra essential oil in a diffuser in my home and work environment; this oil mix, in particular, is made from organic cedarwood, organic juniper, organic sweet orange, spruce, rosewood, pepper, and a few other ingredients. It's a hearty mix of scents that work together to settle my root or grounding Chakra. If you're feeling unsettled, disconnected, lonely, lethargic, unfocused, or just not yourself it's more than likely because one or more of your Chakras is blocked. When one or more Chakras are blocked, the energy that runs through us, connecting us to the energy all around us comes to an abrupt stop and becomes stagnant. Blocked Chakra can cause physical ailments from indigestion to headaches to panic attacks. The cure: balance your Chakras.



Aromatherapy & Essential Oils: Preventing Premature Hair Loss

At Acchaa our technicians understand the sensory and physical impact that using essential oils can have on the body and mind. During each service, based on your Dosha and skin concerns, specific essential oils are used to target specific ailments from restlessness to fatigue to acne and even dandruff. 

For example, do you have dry scalp issues during the colder months, or feel that your hair is limp or perhaps even thinning? Rosemary oil can be incorporated into the Warm Oil Scalp Massage we offer. Rosemary oil is known to stimulate hair follicles, to literally wake them up, stimulating  hair growth. Next time you visit, you may want to add a Rosemary Essential Oil Scalp Massage to your facial or massage. 

Using essential oils to treat ailments from hair loss to respiratory problems to memory and even nervous disorders have a long history of success when used in conjunction with Ayurveda treatments. Lavender is especially popular as a essential oil used to calm and help induce sleep. Tea tree oil is used to treat inflammation of the skin as well as as an aid to induce healing of sores.

During our treatments at Acchaa you'll be able to experience a wide range of essential oils used specifically to treat skin conditions and to help balance your Doshas.  



Living an Ayurvedic Lifestyle During the Winter Months

The winter months in Chicago can be brutal on the skin and the spirit. If you're like many who face the winter knowing that spring and summer make it worth the chapped lips, flaky skin, and bitter, bone aching winds... then Acchaa has a few ways to help you navigate the cold days while protecting the skin and soul. The first is scent, bringing aromas suited to your dosha can help relax the mind and spirit. Don't know your Dosha? Take the quiz from Yoga Journal:

Now that you know your Dosha, you can add herbs and scents to your diet and immediate environment. For example, Turmeric is a spice that can be added to warm milk (milk substitute) or used to make a variety of teas. Turmeric has long been used to treat colds, relieve inflammation due to arthritis, aid in digestion and balance the three Doshas.  It's packed full of antioxidant to fight off free radicals, which age the skin and body as well.  

Try adding Turmeric tea to your daily diet. There are several recipes including one that I found using orange, turmeric, and honey. This warm, aromatic tea wraps its scent around you and warms you from the inside, leaving you relaxed and ready to handle the day's demands.  


November 12th 2014, Happy Birthday Acchaa!

This November 12th marks the official one-year anniversary of Acchaa's opening in the River North neighborhood. A year later, people who live and/or work in the area appreciate the tranquility and authentic Ayurveda spa services found at Acchaa Beauty + Wellness. Monthly specials along with three different membership packages has made Acchaa a welcome neighbor in a busy urban area known for style, beauty, and indulgence.



Racked | Where to Get a Facial in Chicago


This Ayuervedic spa in River North has an Essential Balancing Facial ($90 for 60 minutes; $135 for 90) that includes an Ayuervedic assessment that helps determine a customer's individual skincare needs. The calming, spiritual-feeling treatment also includes a foot soak, essential oils, and a special (short) ceremony that dispels bad energy from the room. Products come from Eminence Organics and SkinCeuticals.[Photo: Courtesy of Acchaa



Acchaa Featured in Lux and Concord



"And if you’re in the mood for a facial, massage or even false lashes, you NEED to visit Acchaa Spa!

Acchaa Spa has several locations downtown Chicago, including the newly opened Wells Street spot, and provides the perfect calming oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the Loop.  The spa chain practices Ayurvedic principles, which are alternative forms of medicine derived from India.  I tried the Essential Balancing Facial, and even though I thought I was balanced before, I came out feeling a whole lot better!


Acchaa Noted as 1 of the top 5 things to do in Chicago! -Michigan Ave. Magazine


Acchaa Noted as 1 of the top 5 things to do in Chicago! -Michigan Ave. Magazine

DO: Get treated at Acchaa Beauty + Wellness Spa
Acchaa Beauty and Wellness Spa opened last month to bring traditional ayurvedic treatments to River North. An expansion of the Thread Away family of salons, Acchaa still offers all the waxing and threading services it’s become known for, but now features a serene downstairs spa that boasts massages and more. Try the quickie Instant Purity facial ($55) or go all in with a 90-minute Chakra Balancing massage ($185). 500 N. Wells St., 312-321-0011



Acchaa Mention in Chicago Magazine


Acchaa Mention in Chicago Magazine

Earlier this month, the owners of Thread Away opened a full-service spa, Acchaa Beauty + Wellness Spa (500 N. Wells St., 312-321-0011, in River North. The menu at Acchaa (which means “good” in Hindi) focuses on traditional Indian ayurvedic practices, such as pressure-point facials, eyebrow threading, and henna application.