At Acchaa our technicians understand the sensory and physical impact that using essential oils can have on the body and mind. During each service, based on your Dosha and skin concerns, specific essential oils are used to target specific ailments from restlessness to fatigue to acne and even dandruff. 

For example, do you have dry scalp issues during the colder months, or feel that your hair is limp or perhaps even thinning? Rosemary oil can be incorporated into the Warm Oil Scalp Massage we offer. Rosemary oil is known to stimulate hair follicles, to literally wake them up, stimulating  hair growth. Next time you visit, you may want to add a Rosemary Essential Oil Scalp Massage to your facial or massage. 

Using essential oils to treat ailments from hair loss to respiratory problems to memory and even nervous disorders have a long history of success when used in conjunction with Ayurveda treatments. Lavender is especially popular as a essential oil used to calm and help induce sleep. Tea tree oil is used to treat inflammation of the skin as well as as an aid to induce healing of sores.

During our treatments at Acchaa you'll be able to experience a wide range of essential oils used specifically to treat skin conditions and to help balance your Doshas.