The days are brighter when you leave work, the snow is slowly melting away, and with it the grit of winter salted streets and debris that tends to get buried under the snow. A hint of spring is in the air and with the spring solstice only a few weeks away, March 20th, we are reminded to reawaken our sense and let go of the old. Winter has left debris not only on the streets but on our spirit and our skin, the dry patches, the lack of glow that naturally comes from regular exfoliation, moisturizing, and of course sun-proofed exposure to the glorious warmth of the sun. It's time to begin spring cleaning and lifting off the heaviness of winter to lighten our spirit and our outlook.  

According to Ayurvedic beliefs, the body and skin are both greatly affected by not only what we ingest but what we place on the skin. The skin is absorbs it's environment just as our spirit absorbs the emotions around it. Let's start this spring on the right path by breaking down what needs to be done into simple to follow steps.

Step 1: Your Skin

Time to slough of the layers of dryness, treat the underlying skin with organic products to boost collagen products and elasticity as well as that youthful glow so many of us try to replicate with makeup. Instead, regular deep cleansing, exfoliation (masque/peel) and the right products can give you a glow the comes from within.

Step 2: Your Body

Feeling sluggish? Winter weight? Take a look at your diet and depending on your Dosha a few simple changes can help with bloat, reduce fat, and increase energy. It begins with knowing your Dosha because each Dosha requires certain herbs and diets to stimulate the body and keep it in balance. Take our Dosha quiz to learn more.

Step 3: Your Spirit

There's a reason we burn candles during the winter, a reason that our estheticians and massage therapists take each client through a sensory journey based on their Dosha before beginning a session. The sense of smell is closely tied to mood, memory, and a healthy mindset. Scented candles can calm the spirit, reduce anxiety and in the case of blocked energy channels help to unblock them with regular (90 day) aroma-specific filled environments. For example, if you're a Vatta like me, I use the Root Chakra essential oil in a diffuser in my home and work environment; this oil mix, in particular, is made from organic cedarwood, organic juniper, organic sweet orange, spruce, rosewood, pepper, and a few other ingredients. It's a hearty mix of scents that work together to settle my root or grounding Chakra. If you're feeling unsettled, disconnected, lonely, lethargic, unfocused, or just not yourself it's more than likely because one or more of your Chakras is blocked. When one or more Chakras are blocked, the energy that runs through us, connecting us to the energy all around us comes to an abrupt stop and becomes stagnant. Blocked Chakra can cause physical ailments from indigestion to headaches to panic attacks. The cure: balance your Chakras.